Ikumi Yang

“Archive of Theater (Everything comes suddenly)”

Archive Installation

Group Exhibition [鮭] 2020.9.26(sat)〜11.8(sun):

1:“Archive of Theater(ECS)” 11min
2:”Study of Theater(ECS)”12min

The work is based on the theatrical production “Everything comes suddenly” that took place in 2019. The director of the theatrical performance passed away suddenly in 2020.
It was a stage by a dance theater company that started its activities in the 1980s but losing the director made it challenging to perform the piece again.
“What will we leave behind in a performance that will never be performed again?”
While rehearsing with the 2019 performers, I decided to extract movements and “atmosphere”.
Work #1 is composed of materials used in the actual performance.
For work #2, I rehearsed with the performers (we connected to India online), and the notes the director left for his daughter (me) about expression were used as subtitles.
For the audio, I used high-tempo minimal music sampled from the performance recordings and output via bone conduction using directional speakers to reach the audience’s sensory perception directly.

Akihiro Nakajima
Harada Takumi
Misaho Yajima
Nitant Nair

Original Music:
Kenichi Takeda

Original Install:
Soichi Yoshikawa
Kumiko Yamazaki

Original Performace Direction:
Hiroshi Ohashi


photo by Ken Kato



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