Ikumi Yang

“To/From KUBA “

Performance Project

2022 Performance Instaratioin 40min.

2022 5.22(fri)〜24(sun) 
Mitaka SCOOL

・ POP Flyer

This project is an attempt to performance a play cum photo book called “To/From KUBA” (edited by Inu no Senakaza), a work by Arata Mino.
This book takes as its starting point the sacred tree “kuba” (scientific name Bilou) in Okinawa. Only the narrators, Left and Right, appear in the book, and they move through the photographs from Okinawa to Fukuoka to Tokyo.

The production began by confronting the number “2” in “Left and Right,” “Here and There,” “I and You,” etc., and by extension, the photographic medium itself.
Performers included actor Asahi Ishikawa, artist Ayu Akamatsu, and musician Maruohrei.

The performance was held within the event to commemorate the publication of this book, and other talk events were also held.
This project will continue as a work in progress.


photo by Arata Mino


・Hand out

Asahi Ishikawa
Ayu Akamatsu

Tetsu Umehara
Video shooting/online delivery:
Arata Mino

cooperation: Mitaka SCOOL