Ikumi Yang

“Three distances”

2019 Performance Instaratioin 47min.

Tokyo University of Art Complated Exhibition
2019 1.28(sat)〜2.2(sun) 
Tokyo University of Arts

The title of the work, “Three distances,” is a translation of a visual technique used in Chinese landscape painting in the 600s.
The work was created so that each element, such as distance, point of view, time, and characters’ background, would be put into perspective.
Space is considered as a border between public and private, and the five connected displays are monitoring the venue. The images projected on each monitor, while shifting, come into focus only at a certain distance.
In the middle of the performance, there will be a narration relayed from China. (See text line).
The movements are based on the traveling “dumb” motifs in Chinese landscape painting and Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot”, and each performer makes his own time.
At the same time, I studied the line of movement and how to stay as close as possible to the audience in performance art so that the audience can keep moving their point of view while being packed in the space. For the sound, I used a standard phrase loop as a base and output a long harmonica tone with an effector.
The two performers went outside the building, and a live camera followed them, and the work ended when the internet connection was cut.
The performance was held on an opening day and on Saturdays and Sundays during the exhibition. On the other days, the work was exhibited as an installation.

Assistant director:Mikuu Yoshida
Performer:Akihiro Nakajima(DA・M)/Taikuu Asakawa/Minako Ngatsu/Kenta Ishige/Yu Lingna
Music:Taikuu Asakawa
video shooting:Takei Toshiyuki
thanks:Soichi Yoshikawa/Kumiko Yamazaki/Takumi Harada

Photo by Rakutaro Ogiwara



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