Ikumi Yang

“Robert Frank : Books and Films, 1947-2016”

2016 Closing Performance : as a Performance Director

Exhibition hall (Tokyo University of arts)
2016 11.24 (Sat) 18:00-
Exhibit website:https://steidlxtua.tumblr.com/events

They created the second floor of the closing performance, which was held in accordance with the exhibiting artist’s intention to “destroy all the photographs on the last day of the exhibition”.
The bundles of photographs gathered during the performance on the first floor were used to create a spatial composition on the second floor. As the organizer’s intention was for the work to be audience-participatory, the audience made small artworks using the photographs in the exhibition. Finally, all the photographic works and the works created by the viewers were placed in a large transparent cube during the performance, and produced as a three-dimensional work.
The two performers, a man, and a woman, spoke all the time. They guided the audience by guessing the letters, using the keyword “street,” where the photographer Robert Frank spent his life.

Direction:Ikumi Ohashi
Performer:Yang Bo, other
Install:Yoko Hoshino
Lighting:Kei Murata

(Part1 :「uninstall / disassemble」)

Performance Direction